Venturing together
is our way.

Feat. Ventures is the place where extraordinary, curious and diverse minds come together to discover, create and build.

When best-in-class founders meet a reliable and performing operational framework, ambitious ideas have no limits.

From our team’s entrepreneurial experience, to our ever-growing network, everything is designed to create an environment where founders can thrive.

We team up with
sector-expert co-founders

as the most efficient way for entrepreneurial projects to succeed.
Individuals willing to get their hands dirty and to leave an important footprint in today’s and tomorrow’s society.
Empathic, passionate, inspiring, team-player, ambitious yet down-to-earth individuals – that’s the profile of co-founders we will be partnering with.

Corporates’ top executives or senior managers

Who know the sector very well, excellent managerial skills and want to become entrepreneurs.

“Traditional” italian SMEs’ entrepreneurs

Who have an entrepreneurial background but few experience in developing digital startups.

Young talents

Who are attractive, although they remain exceptions

We provide them

all the competences and the operational support they need to deliver a digital company, including areas across product, growth, sales, marketing, legal, finance, administration and people, as well as the seed-investment necessary to make the company run properly and at a fast-pace.