We co-create and invest in digital platform-based companies featuring
amazing entrepreneurs.



Venturing together
is our way.

Feat. Ventures is the place where extraordinary, curious and diverse minds come together to discover, create and build.

When best-in-class founders meet a reliable and performing operational framework, ambitious ideas have no limits.

From our team’s entrepreneurial experience, to our ever-growing network, everything is designed to create an environment where founders can thrive.


Quick start
with our captive fund.

Lirica Capital is our holding, investing in all new ventures we build.
From 250k up to 500k € as pre-seed investment

to guarantee a fast-paced beginning and avoid the trouble of raising capital during early phases for our co-founders.
With Lirica Capital we have been joined by successful entrepreneurs and managers who invest and share their resources to support our new ventures, driven by their will to generate an impact for our country.


is still going on

Feat. Ventures co-creates and invests in digital companies with a platform-based business model that have the potential to enhance ordinary analog processes.

Through the years we specialized in understanding and satisfying the collateral needs of customers and companies, while they are focused on their most relevant one, this is what we call a platform-based model.

The rapid success of AirBnB, Amazon, Uber, eBay and countless others, prove that platforms are indisputably the leading form of organizing modern digital markets, whose value is expected to

grow from 7.000bn$ in 2018 to 60.000bn$ by 2025 *.
Despite the platform model having already spread in multiple areas, it is rapidly finding its way into a broader range of sectors.

* Source “Unlocking the value of platform economy”, KPMG